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Vin Diesel Wants to Do a Fast and Furious Musical

Let him do it, you cowards.

Vin Diesel is currently on the press tour for F9: The Fast Saga, the ninth movie in The Fast and the Furious franchise. After nine movies (plus a spin-off), fans are wondering where the franchise can go next, and Diesel himself just offered a much better idea than a dinosaur crossover. In fact, Diesel seems to be itching to bringing the franchise into the musical world.

While on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote F9, Diesel shared his love of musicals and how he is dying to not only do one for the franchise but also just in general. Could you imagine a Fast and The Furious-inspired musical though? The budget alone would all go to the cars that would be featured on stage. Just lots of cars flying and probably a rendition of “See You Again” playing. Honestly, that sounds pretty amazing.


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It all started when Kelly Clarkson asked if Diesel would ever do a musical version of the franchise which had him enthusiastically agreeing.

“Well, I’m dying to do a musical. Yes, I would. I was this close to doing Guys and Dolls, with Steven Spielberg, and we ended up not doing that but I’m dying to do a musical.”

Would a musical version of The Fast and the Furious work? At this point, who knows. The series is so outlandish that if you just suddenly had everyone singing and dancing, it’d probably work. They did just take cars to a whole new level in F9 so never say never. But we should probably hurry up and get Vin Diesel a musical right? If he’s that into the idea, it’d be really fun to see what he’d do.

F9 is currently playing in theaters and breaking records at the box office. You can watch the entire interview below.

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