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Quentin Tarantino Decided Against Doing A Reservoir Dogs Reboot

Reservoir Dogs Reboot

Reservoir Dogs is one of the most legendary films of all time, and in a recent interview with Bill Maher, director Quentin Tarantino teased that he thought about rebooting the film at some point.

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In a recent guest appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, Tarantino was asked about his next film, and stuck to his promise that he would retire after it was done. Maher then offered up the idea that perhaps Tarantino could do a Reservoir Dogs reboot and make it a superior version with his new experience and perspective as an older director.

“That’s kind of a ‘capture time in a moment’ kind of thing,” Tarantino said, before mentioning that he had thought of doing it at one point as his final film. “I won’t do it, internet,” he joked immediately after. “But I considered it.”

You can check out the full interview with Tarantino below:

Speaking on his potential impending retirement, Tarantino cited the fact that he’d rather go out on top than release mediocre films when he’s lost his touch.

“I know film history and from here on in, filmmakers do not get better,” Tarantino said. “Don Siegel – if he had quit his career in 1979, when he did Escape from Alcatraz, what a final film! What a mic drop. But he dribbles away with two more other ones, he doesn’t mean it.”

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It’s currently unknown what exactly Tarantino’s final film will be, but the director has long said that he would stop making movies after he completed his 10th film. Whether that remains true is unclear, but it seems as if Tarantino is pretty dedicated to making sure he doesn’t overstay his welcome in the world of cinema.

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