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Ultimate Trailer Highlights Upgrades Coming to Remaster

SEGA released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Sonic Colors: Ultimate on Thursday, showcasing some of the many changes headed to the upgrade of the 2010 platformer.

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The trailer aims to showcase some of the changes players can expect to find when the game launches later this year, including 60 FPS support, re-vamped lighting, improved graphics, and 4K resolution support. In addition to the boosted visuals, Sonic Colors: Ultimate will also feature some brand new modes, including the “Rival Rush” mode that lets players go head-to-head with Metal Sonic to unlock rewards to use in the game.

You can check out the new trailer for Sonic Colors: Ultimate below:

A full list of the changes coming to the game, courtesy of SEGA, include:

  • HD Updates – New high-definition updates and improvements, including 60 FPS, re-vamped lighting, improved graphics and 4K resolution
  • New Mode “Rival Rush” – Go head-to-head with Metal Sonic to unlock rewards
  • Park Tokens & Customization – Head to the store and use park tokens to unlock unique boosts, auras, shoes and gloves for Sonic
  • Jade Ghost – Transform Sonic, fly around and pass through solid objects to reach hidden areas
  • Customizable Controls – Customize your controls to find a layout that suits your play style
  • Tails Save – Find a tails save and be taken back to safety if you need to be rescued
  • 100 Count Ring – Collect a 100 Count Ring to gain temporary invincibility and boost your score after each level
  • Music – Fully remixed soundtrack to set the pace while you put an end to Dr. Eggman’s evil plan

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Sonic Colors: Ultimate is set to release both digitally and physically on September 7, 2021, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One Consoles, and Nintendo Switch, with a digital-only release on PC via the Epic Games Store. Preorders for the game are live now, with the game set to retail for $39.99.

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