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Twas the Fight Before Christmas Trailer Shows Christmas Light Court Battle

Apple TV+ released the trailer for its upcoming holiday court battle documentary ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas and it shows just how overboard a simple Christmas light show can get. Following the real-life story of a Christmas-crazed neighbor who turned a whole community against him, the show will be available for streaming on November 26.

‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas centers around lawyer and self-proclaimed “Mr. Christmas” Jeremy Morris who is obsessed with bringing holiday cheer to all, even if they don’t necessarily want it. In an effort to make the grandest Christmas show possible, he packed up his family and moved into a larger house in North Idaho, drawing the attention of his neighbors with his behavior. Upon seeing his massive plans for a five-day light show complete with carollers, camels, and more, the homeowner’s association stepped in and refused to permit the event. Still, “Mr. Christmas” goes ahead with the show, inviting a legal battle involving religion and personal rights.

The trailer gives us a look at the chaos that unfolds with Morris’s big show and a massive he-said-she-said affair between him and the community. Morris paints his neighbors as “terrorists” poo-pooing his Christmas miracle for the neighborhood. Community members see that “miracle” as more of a nuisance, inviting unwanted traffic and noise into the neighborhood and ultimately disturbing the peace. As for Morris himself, they describe him as a bully fighting tooth and nail to get what he wants, regardless of community perception.



Image via Apple TV+

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‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas is an Apple Original film directed by Becky Read (Killer in Our Classroom: Never Again) and produced by Dorothy St. Pictures. Julia Nottingham (Kingdom of Us, Skate Kitchen) and Lisa Gomer Howes are the producers for the documentary alongside executive producer Chris Smith (Tiger King, Fyre Festival).

Here’s the official writeup from Apple TV+:

“’Twas the Fight Before Christmas” follows the story of a North Idaho neighborhood turned upside down by one man’s obsession with bringing Christmas cheer to all, through the biggest community Christmas event America has ever seen. Christmas-loving lawyer Jeremy Morris’ plan hits a snag when the home owners’ association informs him that the event violates the rules of the neighborhood. A contentious fight over the festivities erupts and things snowball out of control. As the situation escalates, the film asks the question, who wins when different rights and interests collide? Director Becky Read pieces together the polarized perspectives in this quirky Christmas tale about freedoms, with a message about differences and tolerance at its heart.

Check out the trailer below for a look at the legal battle unfolding over Christmas lights:

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