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Numskull Introduces New GHOSTBUSTERS “CosCups” — GeekTyrant

Numskull has discovered the secret life of your cups, and they’re cosplayers! Dubbing their new products CosCups for this very reason they’re rolling out some pretty fun looking Ghostbusters ceramic cups. You can collect all your favorite characters from the movie, Peter Venkman (EU|UK|US), Ray Stantz (EU|UK|US), Winston Zeddemore (EU|UK|US), Egon Spengler (EU|UK|US), and Stay Puft (EU|UK|US). Too bad Slimer didn’t make the cut, but maybe in future coscup creations. Their faces will peak out over a silicon sleeve that has an amazing amount of detail. These cups will be great for both hot and cold drinks thanks to that sleeve. I think they are actually adorable looking and would definitely get that Stay Puft one for hot chocolate and marshmallows. Get your own today using our affiliate links.

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