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Thunder Force: What Fans Thought Of The Netflix Superhero Comedy

Whether Or Not They Loved The Movie, Some Fans Loved Thunder Force’s Representation Of Female Superheroes

Just because you don’t like a movie doesn’t mean that you can’t find something within its narrative or presentation that’s worthwhile and that seems to be the case for a number of Thunder Force fans, who despite not enjoying the movie all that much, took note of the triumphs it made in the representation department. Throughout the movie, Lydia Berman (Melissa McCarthy), Emily Stanton (Octavia Spencer), and Tracy Stanton (Taylor Mosby) are all treated with respect (well, when Lydia isn’t eating raw chicken) and prove that you don’t have to be prototypical superhero to save the city from a supercharged villain like William “The King” Stevens (Bobby Cannavale) and his band of miscreants.

One Twitter user seemed underwhelmed by the acting and story, but noted that there was a lot of LGBTQ representation, which honestly isn’t something that happens enough in the superhero genre:

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