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The Logitech G840 is a Good Big Mousepad — GeekTyrant

My first thought is that it’s big. This mousepad was much bigger than I expected, but this is 100% on me for not actually measuring. Don’t make my mistake and make sure that your desk is big enough. However, I am really enjoying the mousepad. I didn’t know how much I’d like the K/DA art since I have my keyboard and mouse on the mousepad, but it still provides nice pops of color instead of a plain black mousepad on my black desk.

The surface of the G840 is nice and smooth, too. My mouse smoothly glides across the surface and thanks to the aforementioned large size of the mousepad and the stitched edges have me confident that my mouse will never slip off. In addition, if you ever need to take your mousepad with you, the G840 comes with a nice carrying tube.

Now for two, less than stellar comments. First, I have picked up one very tiny snag on the surface. It’s only one spot and I do have a pre-schooler which may have had a hand in it without my knowing, so I don’t want to make a big deal of it. The other comment is one of personal preference. I like having a wrist rest. The G840 doesn’t have one which means that I need to buy one to use with the mousepad. That being said, I know that not everyone likes wrist rests and they’re fairly affordable, so once again, not a big deal. I also know that it would make the mousepad bulkier and harder to store in such a convenient carrying tube.

All-in-all, the G840 is a really good mousepad. You won’t have to worry about your mouse sliding off and ruining the moment in your gaming session. The K/DA art is nice to have, but there is also a plain black option if you prefer. The G840 retails for $49.99 which is a bit of a premium, but you are getting a good quality mat.

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