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The Mighty Nein Finale Airdate Revealed

This week, the epic campaign comes to a close.


This Thursday, to the dismay of millions of D&D fans, the wildly successful The Mighty Nein campaign of Critical Role will be coming to an end. Nein was the second extended campaign from the Critical Role crew which launched January 11, 2018. This launch date came just three months after their first campaign, Vox Machina, wrapped up its storyline on the Geek & Sundry channel. The Vox campaign started as some offline fun between friends, but in 2015, the group of voice actors was approached by actor, author, and producer Felicia Day to move their game table from behind the scenes to in front of the cameras. From there, a hit show was born.

Nein is a 141-episode journey starring Taliesin Jaffe as Caduceus Clay, Travis Willingham as Mollymauk “Molly” Tealeaf, Travis Willingham as Fjord, Sam Riegel as Nott the Brave/Veth Brenatto, Marisha Ray as Beauregard “Beau” Lionett, Liam O’Brien as Caleb Widogast, Ashley Johnson as Yasha Nydoorin, and Laura Bailey as Jester Lavorre. Matthew Mercer, of course, takes on the role of Dungeon Master. The story of the Nein takes place 20 years after the Vox Machina mercenaries defeated their greatest enemy, Vecna. So far, Campaign 2 has spanned 100 hours of battle, 440 slain villains, and 530 total hours of dice-roll-driven adventuring. And that’s not even counting the upcoming 7-hour finale.


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Yes, you read that right: the pre-recorded finale is going to be seven hours long. For seasoned D&D players, such marathon sessions are not uncommon — and even the norm among some playgroups. Nonetheless, the official Critical Role Twitter account warned fans to “please take care of yourselves” during the epic finale and followed up the announcement tweet with “for those curious, we will have one scheduled break that starts at around 3 hours and 42 minutes into the broadcast” so that fans can more easily pace themselves.

The final chapter of Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein will be airing Thursday, June 3 at 7 p.m. PST. The episode will be streamed on both the Critical Role Twitch channel as well as the Critical Role YouTube channel. If you happen to miss some or all of the action, you can catch the reruns on YouTube starting the following Monday.

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