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Ted Lasso Season 2 Clip Reveals Dani Rojas’ Press Conference

Soccer is life. But it’s also death.


Warning: The below story contains spoilers for the Season 2 premiere of Ted Lasso.

Dani Rojas may be a fictional character on the show Ted Lasso, but his pain was incredibly real in the Season 2 premiere. Ted Lasso is a show that swept everyone up in a feeling of kindness, hope, and taught us how to believe in Season 1, and Season 2 is off to the races with that same mindset. In a clip showing a “post-match press conference,” we get to see how Dani Rojas felt after that infamous match that kept AFC Richmond in a tie streak.

Played by Cristo Fernández, Dani Rojas’ mantra is that “football is life.” But football isn’t life for Rojas after he accidentally kicked a ball into the Richmond greyhound mascot and killed him during their match. The clip shows Rojas talking about how he wishes he could change that aspect of the match and how he killed a beloved animal to sacrifice a pigeon, which people hate.


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The Season 2 premiere was a wonderful trip back to Richmond with some of our favorite players, but this pilot was very much about the team coming together to try and help Dani after he killing their mascot. In the clip, a reporter asks Rojas if he would change anything about the game and Rojas responds that he’d obviously change the fact that he kicked a ball into a dog and made it explode. What’s beautiful about this episode, in particular, is that none of the team blames Dani. He blames himself and the rest of AFC Richmond tries to help him in whatever ways they can to make sure that Dani isn’t devastated by this incident. After a season with Ted Lasso, the series already shows how the Lasso spirit has infected the entire team.

New episodes of Ted Lasso premiere every Friday on Apple TV+. Check out Rojas’ press conference below.

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