Snake Eyes: Henry Golding Looks Badass In First Images From G.I. Joe Spinoff

When it comes to 1980s toy commercials that masqueraded as cartoons there are few as popular as G.I. Joe, and within G.I. Joe there are few characters as popular as Snake Eyes. This is likely why the character is getting his very own movie, starring Henry Golding in the lead role. The movie was set to release last fall, but like everything else it was delayed. This meant that we didn’t get the normal media build up of posters and trailers so we’ve still never even seen our lead character until now.

The first poster for Snake Eyes is finally here, and it shows Henry Golding in Snake Eyes traditional all black costume. His helmet is off, so that we can see Golding’s face, but we still get to see the helmet itself so that we can get an idea of what he’ll look like when it’s time for action. Check it out.

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