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Saw’s Classic Theme Gets a Remix for New Spiral Film

The scary theme song gets a hip-hop spin.


“Hello Zepp”, the iconic theme track of the Saw franchise, has been remixed for the upcoming Spiral: From the Book of Saw by rapper and songwriter 21 Savage. The remix, which adds a rap spin to the theme song, was revealed by the movie’s official Twitter account.

The hip-hop-influenced remix is an unusual choice for a movie in the Saw franchise, which always leaned more towards metal. Previous Saw movies, as an example, featured songs by metal bands such as Mushroomhead, Fear Factory and Mudvayne. The remix, though, is not exactly unexpected, since Spiral’s official trailer already featured the same rap lines that 21 Savage used to update “Hello Zepp.” Spiral is doing its best to be a sequel to Saw as well as serve as a new entry point to the franchise. Adding its own spin on the soundtrack, and in the theme song itself, seem like another way to do it.

Image via Lionsgate

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Spiral: From the Book of Saw promises to be a unique chapter in the Saw saga, leading the franchise in a new direction. The story takes place years after the main franchise, when a copycat of Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw brings the killer’s bloody games back to life. The three police officers who investigate the copycat’s appearance are played by Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock and Max Minghella. Spiral is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III and IV) and Lionsgate is reportedly counting on the success of the franchise revival, because a tenth Saw film is supposedly in development.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw comes to theaters on May 14. You can check out the tweet with a sample of 21 Savage’s “Hello Zepp” remix below:

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