Mission: Impossible 7 – An Updated Cast List, Including Tom Cruise

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson debuted as Ilsa Faust in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, where she was an MI6 agent working undercover within the villainous Syndicate consortium. She was integral to helping Ethan Hunt stop Solomon Lane, the Syndicate’s leader, and when Mission: Impossible – Fallout rolled around, Faust resurfaced to try and kill Lane to prove her loyalty to MI6. Things didn’t go as she planned, but by the end of Fallout, Lane was delivered to MI6 and Faust’s name was cleared, and she was last seen celebrating with the IMF team. It remains to be seen if Faust will still be working for MI6 in Mission: Impossible 7, if she’s become part of the IMF or is now associated with a yet-to-be-revealed third party, but we can undoubtedly count on her growing closer with Ethan, as the two of them showed remarkable chemistry in their first two pairings.

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