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John Krasinski Teases Future of A Quiet Place and Why He Hired Jeff Nichols

He also expresses his love for director Jeff Nichols, who is slated to helm the franchise’s new film


The Quiet Place films have become prime franchise material thanks to their loose story prime for expansion and major box office earnings. This has been something actor and director John Krasinski has been thinking about lately, according to Empire’s Chris Hewitt. He recently talked to Hewitt and The Empire Podcast about A Quiet Place Part II, the future of the franchise, and his appreciation for director Jeff Nichols.

“I came up with the idea,” Krasinski teased. “The story of the third one, the third installment, is something I came up with.” Even though he came up with his original idea for the third film, the newest installment in the A Quiet Place universe will be directed by Nichols.


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It turns out that he never considered taking up the directorial mantle once again for the third film, and says that the 2012 feature Mud was a major factor in hiring Nichols.

“Truly the only person I had in mind when asked whether I would hand this off was Jeff. I think he’s one of the best filmmakers, Mud is one of my favorite movies, and so real and intimate. It’s exactly the sort of paints we’re painting within A Quiet Place – very organic characters you fall in love with.”

However, Krasinski has decided to take a page out of his franchise’s book and has remained quiet about what this new film actually is. Although officially labeled as a spinoff, the director playfully addressed whether or not the third A Quiet Place will include the Abbott family.

“Is it going to continue the Abbotts? Who knows! No, I will tell you that it is…I’m really excited about the third installment because it’s going to do something that we haven’t done before.”

Although we’re not entirely sure what new direction entails, we might find out when the newest addition to the A Quiet Place franchise arrives in 2023. A Quiet Place Part II is currently playing in theaters and will arrive on Paramount+ on July 12th.

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