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Binging with Babish Shows Us How to Make Meat-Ghetti and Spag-Balls From AMERICAN DAD — GeekTyrant

In a recent episode of Binging With Babish we are shown how to make Meat-Ghetti and Spag-Balls from Seth MacFarlane’s animated series American Dad. So, for those of you that have always wanted to try this weird-looking dish, here’s how to make it!

This week, we’re revisiting the fanciful mind of Seth MacFarlane (my doppelgänger before I shaved my head and grew a beard) and taking a look at Meat-Ghetti and Spag-Balls from American Dad. Is there any way to make this recipe actually work? Turns out, no – but maybe you can. Make your best version of this dish, take a picture, tag me on instagram with #babishballs and the winner of my choosing will get a cutting board, rolling pin, and pair of tiny whisks!

As you’ll see this dish turns out…. interesting.

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