Jason Blum on The Forever Purge, Insidious 5 & Universal Monsters

From hit original franchises like Insidious, Paranormal Activity, and The Purge to Oscar-winners like Whiplash and Get Out to having a hand in reviving beloved horror staples like Halloween and the Universal Monsters, Blumhouse is one of the most dominant forces in filmmaking right now. Growing from the core idea that lower budgets and established filmmakers with creative control would yield more interesting films with better returns, producer Jason Blum built a production studio with a sprawling creative net, collaborating with multiple studios, streamers, and a lengthy list of creative talent that consistently delivers some of the best genre films of the era.

The latest big Blumhouse debut is The Forever Purge, the fifth installment in the near decade-long running franchise about a near-future America where all crime becomes legal during an annual 12-hour window known as “The Purge”. But in The Forever Purge, extremists decide that 12 hours a year just isn’t enough and in order to fix America, The Purge must never end. And now, The Forever Purge is coming into your homes, arriving On Demand on July 23 as it’s still playing in theaters.

Ahead of the film’s release, Blum joined us for an episode of Collider Connected to discuss The Forever Purge and tease what’s next for Blumhouse. During our wide-ranging conversation, Blum touched on everything from the uncertain and rapidly evolving state of the industry amidst the pandemic to a deep-dive on all things The Purge, including the tricky timing of releasing The Forever Purge in theaters, franchise creator James DeMonaco’s knack for prophetic storytelling and why Blum doesn’t concern himself with the political timeliness of his films, why the Purge spinoff TV series was cancelled and how it changed his mind on spinoff series in general, and if The Forever Purge is really going to be the last Purge movie.


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Looking ahead, we also discussed why the new Paranormal Activity movie had to be a reboot, entrusting Insidious 5 with franchise star and first-time director Patrick Wilson, the ongoing creative discussions on Leigh Whannell and Ryan Gosling’s Wolfman, and working with Bryan Fuller on a new adaptation of Stephen King’s Christine, as well as broader industry topics like the collapse of the theatrical distribution window, why that makes it harder to decide which movies get a theatrical release – and what those deciding factors are.

Watch the full interview in the video above, and below, check out a rundown of the topics we discussed.

  • When did he comfortable releasing The Forever Purge in theaters?
  • The challenge of finding the right release date in a crowded market – and why it might be a good thing.
  • Why Blumhouse will feel the financial effects of COVID more this year than last year and how they planned to mitigate the losses.
  • Discusses the timeliness of The Final Purge and why he doesn’t concern himself with real-world events he can’t control.
  • The prophetic elements in The Purge franchise.
  • Is The Forever Purge really the last Purge movie?
  • Discusses the limits of how far you can expand the concept of The Purge, franchises that jump the shark, and how Blumhouse’s tight budgets help prevent it.
  • Why manufactured controversy surrounding The Hunt still bothers him.
  • Why The Purge TV series was really cancelled and how that experience changed his mind on doing series spinoffs of ongoing franchises.
  • Why the new Paranormal Activity had to be a reboot and why he considered Halloween the test case for rebooting IP at Blumhouse.
  • Why big IP projects like Halloween and Christine demand a bigger budget: “You’re putting so many hurdles in front of the filmmaker.”
  • Entrusting Patrick Wilson to direct Insidious 5 as a first-time director.
  • Why he thinks Universal should take more time before taking an irreverent Abbot & Costello approach to their new Universal Monsters.
  • Why he has no interest in rebooting Halloween III.
  • How the collapsing distribution window creates a narrower window for which films get a theatrical release – and what makes for the deciding factor.

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