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‘Icarus’ Survival Game Delayed to November, Beta Weekends Announced

RocketWerkz, the studio behind the upcoming sci-fi survival game, Icarus, has announced that the game will be delayed to November. The initial release date was set for August 12. Reasons for the delay were given in an update posted to the game’s official Steam page:

Our team is committed to providing the best experience for our players at launch. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the state of our development builds and have decided that we want to give Icarus more love by delaying the game, and improving upon our Beta process by spreading it across multiple weekends, with each having a specific focus. A plus side of this also means reducing Beta fatigue for our players.

Those who have pre-ordered Icarus will be able to participate in the Beta Weekends starting on August 28.


Image via RocketWerkz

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The update listed the “Icarus Beta Weekends Roadmap,” which provides great detail on what players can expect during the beta events.

Each beta weekend will unlock new game features for players to experience. The developer’s goal is to give fans a sneak peek at the game while also gathering feedback. The weekends are planned to introduce players to gameplay at an easy-going, steady pace and are divided into game “biomes.”

The first weekend deals with a forest biome, players will be able to access the basics of the game. The second weekend unlocks torrential storms in the same biome. The third and fourth weekend expands into the arctic and desert biomes where players will encounter new animals and dangerous blizzards. Icarus beta weekends take a different turn during the fifth and sixth weekends. “Faction Missions” unlock, providing players with political lore and new rewards to earn from missions. During the final weekend, community is the highlight, with a giveaway and other surprises as the focus for players.

Whew! That’s a lot of excitement to sift through, and not to mention a lot of biomes to survive in. Yikes. More details regarding time zone accommodation and the final weekend of beta events are pending.

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