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How The Fast And The Furious Franchise Is Bringing People Back To Theaters Before F9

You can head to the Fast Fridays Screenings website to learn more about obtaining tickets from one of the more than 500 participating theaters (it will ultimately expand to more than 900 theaters), but so long as you click quickly, you’ll be able to see your favorite Fast & Furious movie in theaters, be it for the first time or the first time since its original theatrical run, without paying any money. Who knows, maybe some of you will try to catch all the Fast & Furious movies playing each Friday. Regardless, with movie theaters getting back into the swing of things following a year that wreaked havoc on the industry, as well as vaccinations steadily rolling out, I imagine this event will entice plenty of people to return to their local cineplex, especially since it won’t cost them anything.

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