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Hawkeye Funko Pops Include Lucky the Pizza Dog

Hawkeye premiered this past Wednesday and took the Thanksgiving long weekend by storm with its first two episodes. However, arguably the best part of a new Marvel show or movie releasing is the fact that with every new entry in the MCU it means new Funko Pops are right around the corner. Thankfully Hawkeye is no different, as the company just announced three figures.

The first one is of Clint Barton’s Hawkeye played once again by Jeremy Renner. His fan favorite archer has had many Funkos in the past for all his various appearances and outfits, but this time around fans should be happy that he is finally being featured in a comic book accurate suit. The design is probably the simplest the character has ever been in, but the purple arrow running across the chest and bleeding down his right sleeve just makes the figure pop.

Pun fully intended. The bold purple and black color scheme should get any fan excited to own this particular figure and things like his hearing aid in his left ear is a nice touch. We have not seen this costume in the series yet, but images of the figure, along with the various posters that have been released, simply make the anticipation that much higher.

Image via Disney+

RELATED: ‘Hawkeye’: Bro, Who are the Tracksuit Mafia?However, the other two figures in the line that are bundled together are going to steal fans’ hearts and wallets this holiday season. The main figure of the bundle is of the series’ new main character Kate Bishop who is played by Hailee Steinfeld. Like Hawkeye, she is featured in a classic purple and black color scheme which we have seen through the first two episodes that meshes really well with the other figure in the line. The best part is, Funko did not stop there because included with Kate’s figure is the good boy himself, Lucky the Pizza Dog. This one eyed golden retriever puppy is now the cutest funko around and looks great standing behind both Hawkeye and Kate.


Even though these three figures are the only ones to be announced at the moment, do not expect Funko to stop there as we are only two episode into this six part adventure. As the series goes on we are probably going to get a figure of Alaqua Cox’s Echo, at least one member of the infamous Tracksuit Mafia, maybe a cast member of Rogers: The Musical, and a new version of Florence Pugh‘s Yelena. That does not include the variants we might see like Kate in the Ronin costume or a Christmas themed Lucky with a slice of pizza hanging out of his mouth. Lucky’s actor Jolt, who just celebrated his fourth birthday, deserves nothing more than a line of Funko Pizza Dogs covering his shelves.

As the series further explores Clint dealing with the loss of his best friend Black Widow and him continuing to form a mentor relationship with Kate as they ultimately try to stop the criminal underworld of New York, the sky’s the limit with Hawkeye and Funko. You can preorder these new Funko figures here and for all the latest Hawkeye news, stick with Collider.

Image via Funko

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