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Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness Trailer Teases A Quest For Knowledge

Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness is taking us on a new journey of curiosity. In a new trailer from Netflix, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness looks to expand our knowledge of the world in a wild and varied way. The new series, which premieres at the end of this month, follows Van Ness as he ask questions audiences may or may not have pondered before. From exotic cuisine and insect anatomy to high fashion and skyscraper construction, the series challenges viewers to learn something outside of their comfort zone, with Van Ness speaking with experts in a variety of fields to learn more about the things that make him curious.

In the official trailer, Van Ness opens by saying he’s “got burning questions” and he’s looking for answers. Such questions include: “Why is hair so major?” and “Am I dependent on snacks?” The series will also feature some celebrity appearances, including luxury womenswear designer Christian Siriano, stand-up comedian Michelle Buteau, figure skating legend Michelle Kwan, and actress and SNL alum Rachel Dratch. The trailer goes on to feature some pretty fun shots of how our brains react to sugar, Van Ness interacting with (and eating) insects, an exploration of wigs, and some delightful camaraderie with construction workers.


The series shares its name with Van Ness’ podcast that follows a similar format, where he speaks to experts who specialize in the things he’s curious about. The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and premieres episodes weekly, each about an hour long. Recent podcast guests include musician Brandi Carlile and actress Gabrielle Union, as well as several professionals in various areas including medicine, earthquakes, and history.

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‘Queer Eye’ Season 6 Trailer Takes the Fab Five to TexasThe non-binary hair and makeup artist shot to fame as a fan favorite on Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye. His effervescent personality and infinite kindness and openness make him perfect for a series such as this, where he appears to approach Getting Curious with the same endearing combination of bubbly energy and gentle sincerity as he does with all things. Viewers will be able to learn more about topics such as gender identity or how donuts are made, which may be foreign or familiar to all kinds of people.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness is produced by World of Wonder Productions, and executive producers for the series include Van Ness, Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey, Tom Campbell, and Jennifer Lane. You can catch up with Van Ness on season six of Queer Eye while you wait, with all seasons now available on Netflix.

All six episodes of Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness premiere exclusively on Netflix on January 28. In the meantime, check out the official trailer below:

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