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FBoy Island Trailer Reveals a Reality Dating Show That Asks If Nice Guys Finish Last

It’s not the dating show we need, but it may be the one we deserve.


HBO Max has released the first official trailer and key art for their upcoming reality dating series FBoy Island, hosted by comedian and actress Nikki Glaser. The first three episodes of the ten-episode series will premiere July 29 on the streaming service, followed by three additional episodes on August 5, leading up to the final four episodes on August 12.

FBoy Island (which is itself a shortened version of a slang term that usually describes men who are notoriously commitment-averse) is, on the surface, exactly what it sounds like. The three main contestants this season — Nakia Renee, CJ Franco and Sarah Emig — temporarily relocate themselves to a tropical island where they will have a chance to meet 24 men. The twist is that half of the group consists of self-professed “nice guys” and the other half are “fboys” in disguise, but all of them be will competing for the women’s attention, and their hearts. The show labels itself as a “social experiment that asks the age-old question: can FBoys truly reform or do Nice Guys always finish last?”


Image via HBO Max

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The show will debut its first three episodes at the end of this month, followed by another three the following week, with the final episodes of the season the week after that. Elan Gale, mastermind behind the Bachelor franchise, teams up with Sam Dean (another reality show aficionado behind such classics as Love is Blind and 12 Dates of Christmas) and production company STXalternative in order to bring this new type of reality dating show to the masses.

FBoy Island will be available for streaming exclusively on HBO Max. The first three episodes will be available for viewing on July 29. Check out the show’s trailer and poster below:


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