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Candace Cameron Bure Shares Marriage Advice as She Celebrates 25 Years: ‘Sex, Laughter, Patience’

Valeri Bure and Candace Cameron Bure (Photo: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram)

Valeri Bure and Candace Cameron Bure (Photo: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram)

After two-and-a-half decades of marriage, Candace Cameron Bure has learned what it takes to build a successful relationship. 

On Tuesday, the Fuller House alum and her husband Valeri Bure celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and enjoyed “an incredible few nights” at Pebble Beach Resorts, where they spent time at the spa and beach, going on hikes, and walking around the golf course. 

In an Instagram post on Friday, Cameron Bure, 45, posted a few sweet snaps from their beachside trip and shared some advice about what she has learned makes a thriving marriage. 

“June 22nd we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary 🥂!! 25 years🙌🏼!! 🙏🏻 Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and, in humility, our willingness to trust Him and allow those who’ve gone before us and those who haven’t but know God’s Word to speak into us. And grateful for every other bit of solid advice and encouragement in between 😭,” wrote Cameron Bure.

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The actress went on to list a few things that she believes make up the “secret” to a happy marriage – among them being grace, communication, laughter, and sex. 

“I’m often asked for marriage advice. What’s the secret? Lord knows I will never write a book about it because we are still learning every year, every day. Grace. Grace. Grace,” she wrote. 

“Communication (which is so important but difficult when one partner isn’t willing.),” she continued. “Sex. Laughter. Patience. Lots of patience. Love (a verb. which must be put into action, it’s not just a feeling.).” 

While the actress acknowledged that her marriage isn’t “picture perfect,” she is grateful that God has been “the secret sauce” throughout the couple’s highs and lows. 

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“No marriage is picture perfect. Not one. And certainly not ours. But through thick and thin, ups and downs, God has blessed us tremendously with guidance and perseverance. I believe God is the secret sauce 😉,” wrote Cameron Bure. 

The star concluded: “I have more love for this man today than the day we married each other 🙌🏼❤️ And I know he does for me ❤️❤️. Praise the Lord 🙌🏼.” 

Cameron Bure and her former ice hockey player husband wed in 1996 and share three children: daughter Natasha, 22, and sons Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19.

Last month, the mother of three appeared on Daily Blast Live and opened up about the importance of physical intimacy in a marriage. 

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Valeri Bure and Candace Cameron Bure (Photo: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram)

Valeri Bure and Candace Cameron Bure (Photo: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram)

“I think it’s important. You’ve got to keep it up. The longer you’re married it’s so easy to take each other for granted. You know each other so well that you forget, so you have to keep it spicy,” she said. “I love that. My husband and I do.”

Cameron Bure added, “That’s one of the reasons we’ll be celebrating 25 years of marriage.”

“Just do something unexpected,” the Full House star advised couples that are in a sexual slump. “Maybe lay in a way you don’t normally lay. He’ll be like ‘woah.’ You’ll surprise him!”

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