6 Marvel Characters Stephen King Should Write Comics For

Werewolf By Night

Stephen King has dabbled in lycanthrope mythology previously in his career, most notably with the novella Cycle Of The Werewolf (which he himself adapted into the 1985 movie Silver Bullet), but writing an arc for Werewolf By Night in Marvel Comics would provide an interesting opportunity. In the canon, the “rules” involving the character’s monstrous transformations are a bit different than the traditional ones, as he has the ability to turn at will with enough concentration, maintaining control of himself while doing so – but he is also still a slave to the lunar cycle, as he becomes a feral beast when there is a full moon. The Marvel hero is currently experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with the newly introduced Jake Gomez taking the “mantle” from the original Werewolf By Night, Jack Russell, and it would be amazing if King were one of the key creatives establishing Jake’s legacy.

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