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10 Gory Sorority Horror Films That Will Make You Re-think Pledging

For decades, slasher films have typically been known for featuring a mass murderer who stalks and kills teenagers or unsuspecting victims for thrills or vengeance. With its wild parties, dark secrets, and students totally off the leash, sororities make the perfect hunting ground for Hollywood serial killers. Since the horror film classic Black Christmas gave rise to the common trope of a masked murderer stalking and killing teenagers, horror filmmakers have continued to populate the mainstream with films that feature this trope.

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Slasher films are usually entertaining because of the characters, gore, creative kills, and plot; throw sorority life into the mix, and you get a pretty entertaining package. For fans of ’80s slashers who still love gory horror films centered on sorority experience, these movies offer all of that.


‘Sorority House Massacre’ (1986)

Sorority House Massacre

This sorority horror tale follows a college student, Beth (Angela O’Neill), and her sorority sisters as they are terrorized by an escaped killer who has an inexplicable psychic connection with her. While the girls party and get drunk (as is customary in slasher flicks), they are unaware that a killer is on the loose.

Sorority House Massacre was released in the ’80s when slasher films were at their peak, so it is not surprising that it depicts common familiar movie tropes. Despite being heavily criticized for being too similar to Halloween, it still is a pretty enjoyable slasher film. It relies largely on gore to entertain.

‘Sorority Row’ (2009)


The plot of this modern slasher is similar to its original The House on Sorority Row, in which a group of sorority girls must find a way to escape a mysterious killer. A group of sorority sisters (Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Jamie Chung) and others are stalked by a hooded killer who knows about the murder they tried to cover up.

Sorority Row is quite entertaining when it is vas a hybrid version ofMean Girls and Scream. Though set in the present day, it successfully captures the essence of 1980’s slasher films, with scream queens running up the stairs in terror, spiced up with many great kills.

‘The Cook’ (2008)

The Cook

A cannibalistic killer posing as a cook terrorizes a handful of unsuspecting sorority girls who indulge in a long weekend of partying. As the body count rises, others notice that a girl goes missing during every meal.

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The Cook is a comedy slasher with a different kind of horror and a lot of blood fest, which some viewers may find disturbing. Fans of gory slasher films drenched in the sorority experience, with lots of pretty girls, will surely love this. However, many people may be put off by the film’s cannibalistic aspects.

‘Killer Party’ (1986)

Still from Killer Party

The girls of Sigma Alpha Pi decide to throw a wild party at an abandoned fraternity house, unleashing a bloodthirsty demonic spirit. Soon the partygoers drop like flies, turning the fun party into a fight for survival.

Killer Party offers a juicy twist that separates it from other slasher films. It is a slasher film with a supernatural killer and genuine scares that stands out from many other slashers.

‘Sorority Party Massacre’ (2012)

Sorority Party Massacre: Kevin Sorbo

This murder comedy mystery revolves around seven sorority sisters in an isolated town partying when a crazed killer targets and kills them one by one. It’s up to a detective from a big town and a small-town sheriff to apprehend the psychotic killers and save these college girls.

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This is an excellent throwback for devoted fans of 80s horror movies. There’s gore, nudity, a handful of twists, absurd killing methods, and comedy to keep things interesting. The mystery surrounding the killer’s identity and the emphasis on the detective rather than the beautiful sorority girls may keep viewers engrossed in this slasher film.

‘Black Christmas’ (2006)

Black Christmas (2006)

An escaped killer returns to his childhood home on Christmas Eve only to discover it has been converted into a sorority house and begins murdering sorority members.

This remake of Black Christmas is surprisingly gorier and darker than the original, but fans of gory slasher films may not have a problem with this. It perfectly combines the festive atmosphere of Christmas with the creepy feels of horror films to create a fun and entertaining slasher film. The aesthetic is also notably amazing.

‘The House on Sorority Row’ (1982)

The House On Sorority Row

In this cult classic directed by Mark Rosman, a seemingly innocent prank goes horribly wrong, resulting in the death of the sorority’s housemother. Now, the sorority sisters are being stalked and killed by someone who witnessed the murder.

The gruesome and innovative killings contribute significantly to the plot of this classic slasher film. This revenge-fuelled slasher film isn’t perfect, but it has an intriguing plot line and great acting to keep many engaged. Laced with well-timed suspense, a tense atmosphere, and significant character development, ‘The House On Sorority’ has remained a cult favorite in the slasher genre for many years.

‘Die Die Delta Pi’ (2013)

Die Die Delta Pi Promo Banner

This revenge tale begins when a sorority prank goes terribly wrong, and a sister gets burned to death. 27 years later, a new set of sorority sisters is under attack by a killer seeking revenge.

Many slasher films often receive negative reviews from critics, and this one is no exception. However, people who enjoy ’80s horror flicks won’t find this so bad. With good kill scenes and believable gore, the directors, Sean Donohue and Christopher Leto,successfully present an intriguing sorority slasher film.

‘Spring Break Massacre’ (2008)

Spring Break Massacre

A sleepover party during spring break turns deadly when six gorgeous sorority girls fall prey to a psychopath killer who enjoys crashing sleepovers. Now it’s up to these college cuties to stop the insane attacker before he murders them.

This slasher film will hit off pretty well with fans of the ’80s slashers and Slumber Party Massacre. The plot is simple but well-executed, and the characters are well-developed, but the dialogues are terrible for a reason. There’s enough gore and black comedy to make this entertaining enough.

‘Sisters of Death’ (1976)

Sisters Of Death

During a secret society initiation, one of the new members is accidentally killed while playing Russian roulette. Many years later, the crazed father of the dead girl lures them to his lavish estate under the guise of reunion, where he kills them one by one until a few survivors remain.

Sisters of Death is an underrated horror film with lots of twists and turns and a tense atmosphere that will keep viewers entertained during its 97-minute run-time. Though it was light on nudity and gore, it is still great for those who love pretty women and some mystery,

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