Zoe Kravitz Has Completely Lost Track of Her Tattoos

Zoe Kravitz Has Completely Lost Track of Her Tattoos: ‘I Plan on Getting More’ jewel top

Zoe Kravitz.
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A growing collection! While beauty lovers have done deep dives into Zoe Kravitz’s 50 plus tattoos, the 32-year-old actress certainly doesn’t pay that close of attention to her ink. In fact, she’s totally lost track! 

“I think tattoos are a beautiful form of adornment, just like makeup or jewelry,” she told InStyle during a Wednesday, August 11, interview. “It’s funny because I don’t even know how many I have. I hardly see them anymore because I am so used to them.” 

She continued: “There are some I like more than others. I have gotten a few removed, but I plan on getting more tattoos. Once you’re into it, it’s hard to stop.” 

The Big Little Lies actress has a tendency to lean toward small and dainty designs, including small leaves on her hands, her grandmother’s initials, a star on her finger, arrows on her feet and a cross sign on her right palm, among many others. 

She additionally has a few larger designs including — but most definitely not limited to — a flying eagle, an anchor, a radio and the phrase “Free At Last” on her forearm, which matches one that father Lenny Kravitz has. 

Zoe Kravitz Has Completely Lost Track of Her Tattoos: ‘I Plan on Getting More’

Zoe Kravitz.
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Tattoo inspiration isn’t the only thing that the High Fidelity star picked up from her famous father. He, along with her mother Lisa Bonet, instilled the importance of “health, using organic products, eating well, excising, drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep.” 

“When you feel good and your body is happy, healthy and balanced, your skin looks good. When we’re not feeling good, our skin is dehydrated and we start breaking out; then we tend to use makeup to cover ourselves up more and hide,” she told the outlet. “I believe that beauty starts with what’s on the inside and how we take care of ourselves.” 

Part of a wholistic approach to beauty also includes taking care of her mental health, something that she focused on during the pandemic. “I realized how much my mental health is affected by not being able to do little things that make me feel good,” Kravitz said. “Some things become routine; we put makeup on because we’re supposed to. But doing that can boost your confidence and make you feel like a different person. You get to access and highlight different parts of your personality based on how you’re dressing and what your makeup is like.”

She added: “I think life is really a game of dress-up in a lot of ways. Fashion and beauty are self-expression. It should be playful and fun.” 

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