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You’re Shooting 3 Movies & Picking the Best

Godzilla vs. Kong director

In our recent chat with Adam Wingard, the Godzilla vs. Kong director explained how he always had a fascination with directors talking about scenes that didn’t make the final cut of a film.

“It’s always fun to talk about the deleted scene elements,” Wingard told“Because I know that growing up and hearing directors talk about the deleted scenes from Star Wars, like the one that always came to mind was in Return of the Jedi. There was the sandstorm sequence when they’re going into the Millennium Falcon, and they cut it. Apparently, it was just a disaster. It was ultimately unnecessary, but it was one of those kinds of things that you always read about, and you just wanted to see for years, you know? So I always got excited reading about deleted scenes and everything.”

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Wingard also explained why scenes get cut from films and that while blockbusters mean that directors are essentially shooting multiple films, the versions that get cut aren’t released for a good reason.

“When you’re making a movie like this, a lot of the times, Some plot things, they kind of shift and you don’t need it, or it’s too much or whatever. Also, you’re just trying to make as densely entertaining a film as possible. So that means that sometimes you don’t need those direct connections pieces. Sometimes they just ended up being, as they say, shoe leather, and that’s just got to go. It wasn’t anything like crazy or traumatic with those scenes. I would say that when you do a big, studio blockbuster film, you’re kind of shooting three movies, and you’re picking the best one. You’re picking one movie, but it doesn’t mean that there’s like, ‘Oh, I wish I could release all three of those films.’ No, no, no, no. Two and three are not good movies. Number one, that’s the one that you want to see, and so you just end up whittling it down to that.”

Check out our full chat about deleted scenes with Godzilla vs. Kong director Wingard below, where he discusses a nixed moment we saw during our set visit.

Godzilla vs. Kong is out now.

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