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You Can Enter Your Art to Possibly Become a POKEMON TCG Card — GeekTyrant

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is one of the biggest trading card games out there and has fans of all ages. The game has had some fan art contests in Japan a couple of times already, and for the first time, fans in the United States will be able to participate in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2022 in celebration of 25 years of the Pokémon franchise.

If you wish to participate, you’ll need to create art capturing “the daily life of Pokémon” with a focus on one of the following Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charizard, Pikachu, Arcanine, Galarian Rapidash, Scizor, Greninja, and Cramorant. Fans can find all details and enter to win on the official site between October 13, 2021-January 31, 2022.

The grand prize winner will receive a $5,000 cash prize and their art will be turned into a promo card for the game. Two First Runners-Up will also be selected (one each from Japan and the U.S.) to receive $3,000 each and have their art turned into promo cards. 17 additional entries will be selected to win cash prizes, but their art will not be turned into cards.

Talking about this opportunity, Barry Sams, vice president of the Pokémon TCG, said:

With this contest, Trainers will have the unique opportunity of having their Pokémon art be viewed all over the world. I continue to be in awe of the passion, creativity, and diversity of the Pokémon community, and expanding the Pokémon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest to the US will offer exciting new perspectives of the Pokémon we know and love.

This sounds like an awesome opportunity. I would just recommend that you read all the fine print before submitting anything to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

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