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Wolverine Game Announced With Trailer From Insomniac Games

Insomniac also announced ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ is coming in 2023.

Image via Insomniac Games

Insomniac has announced they are making a Marvel’s Wolverine game for PlayStation 5. The announcement was made during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase where a brief sneak peek trailer was shown. Brian Horton will serve as creative director and Cameron Christian will serve as game director. Christian previously directed the Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game.

Ryan Schneider, head of franchise strategy and studio relations at Insomniac Games, wrote a lengthy blog post discussing the studio’s decision to make Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine – needless to say, the studio has a lot on their plate.

The team brainstormed ideas for games while working together on Marvel’s Spider-Man and why a game focused on Logan should be made:

So many of the Insomniac team are such huge fans of the character, and one of the key elements that drew us to him is surprisingly not that different from Spider-Man: Both heroes feel deeply compelled to defend people who are less able to do so.


Image via Insomniac Games

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Schneider also mentioned that Wolverine is still in early development. This is possibly why fans were given only a short sneak peek into what to expect. However, the trailer still gave the familiar vibe fans can expect from a story revolving around the much-loved Marvel character: chaos, silver claws, mysterious villains, and, well, fairly messy bars. Polygon noted that the bar seen in the trailer recently cameoed in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, offering clues as to what the plot might be.

The expectations are high for this one, and I already feel like already applauding. No doubt Insomniac has their hands full with two Marvel games, but it looks like both games are in good hands.

You can watch the marvelous trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine here:

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