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What is your next amazing car?

If you are considering a new car then probably you are getting confused within different options and models that are available and you want that your amazing car be the best one.
Apart from the brand and models now you have the option to buy a fossil fuel car (petrol or diesel), Electric car or a Hybrid.
Hybrid cars are also two type. Plug-In Hybrid that battery can be charged from external charger and also from internal engine or just Hybrid that internal battery will be charged by car’s engine that of course running by a fossil fuel.
If you care too much about environment and the price is not an issue for you then Electric cars are the best option but when buying an Electric car you should consider how fast the battery can be charged and how far it can go with a full charge because when you travel the time is matter.
By buying an Electric car you definitely save on fuel cost because electricity as fuel will be much cheaper that fossil fuels but some countries charge specific taxes on electric cars that may cover what you save on fuel, furthermore you should pay a higher price for buying this sort of cars so when decided to buy an electric car then don’t think too much about cost saving.
Buying Hybrid cars has a benefit over Electric cars and is that they are dual fuel. You use their electric motor for short travels, e.g. in city and commuting from home to work, and fossil fuel engine for long distance travels. They are a good option because while still there are not too many charging stations on country roads you can still find plenty of petrol stations, instead when you are in a town you can charge their battery even with a potable charging cable that comes with your car. So these cars is good for those that still care about environment but are not confident for travel outside cities with a fully electric cars.
It is interesting to know that Hybrid cars usually are more expensive that Electric cars because they have two engines and more parts and systems so it cause the price to go up.
Finally if you are still interested in Petrol or Diesel fuel cars then I think you already know much about them and no need to have my advice.