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Vin Diesel is ‘Dying’ to Do a Fast & Furious Musical

Vin Diesel

Just when you thought the Fast & Furious franchise couldn’t get any wilder, someone had to bring up making it into a musical. Vin Diesel recently revealed he would be interested in singing some tunes about cars and family.

In a recent interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, host Kelly Clarkson asked Diesel if he would ever do a musical. Simply put, her absolutely is as he answered, “I’m dying to do a musical, so yes, I would!”

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While the Fast & Furious and Guardians of the Galaxy star isn’t known for his singing voice, he says he has wanted to do musicals his whole life. In fact, he was pretty close to being cast in one mentioning he was “this close to doing Guys and Dolls with Steven Spielberg, but we ended up not doing that.”

Diesel also gives credit to his family, who he says has supported him throughout his career. He also encourages others to support people who have aspirations that may seem a bit unrealistic.

“My family is artistic, and I’m blessed to have that and I’m blessed to be in a family that is supportive of these crazy dreams,” says Diesel. “I would encourage everyone to support the people who want to think outside the box and dream something impossible because there’s great beauty in that.”

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The latest release in the Fast & Furious franchise, F9: The Fast Saga is in theaters now. In its opening weekend, it earned $70 million at the domestic box office.

Also, if you want to hear what Diesel may sound like in the Fast & Furious musical, you should check out the video at the very bottom of this page.

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