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TWICE’s ‘With YOU-th’ Voted Favorite New Music This Week

TWICE‘s With YOU-th tops this week’s new music poll.

Music fans voted in a poll published Friday (Feb. 23) on Billboard, choosing the K-pop group’s latest mini-album as their favorite new music release of the past week.

Fans showed their support for the girl group in a big way: With YOU-th won this poll by a landslide, bringing in more than 94% of the vote. It beat out new music by Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake and more.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

TWICE’s With YOU-th delivers a total of six tracks, rolling through energetic, synth-pop productions like “One Spark” and “You Get Me.” The new release follows the single “I Got You,” which was released earlier in February. The track list also includes the songs “Rush,” “New New” and “Bloom.”

“I think this album is a collection of things that represent our youth, the friendship and special bond that glues together nine of us and that only TWICE can show,” TWICE’s Chaeyoung said in a recent interview with Reuters.

Chaeyoung added to Reuters that she hopes to see chart success with the group’s new project: “I have a dream,” she said in the interview. “I’ll be really happy if we score high on Billboard, even if not No. 1.”

Trailing behind With YOU-th on this week’s poll is Gomez’s new single “Love On,” with 2% of the vote, and Timblerlake’s “Drown,” with just 1%.

See the final results of this week’s new music poll below.

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