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TUBBZ Appears to Be Getting Ready to Launch Jurassic Quack with New JURASSIC PARK Ducks — GeekTyrant

It’s time to get to work creating your very own dinosaur-themed park and who better to do that than John Hammond and Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park? TUBBZ recently unveiled their first Jurassic Park rubber ducks and these two are leading the charge. You’ll want to make sure everything is ready for when the dinosaur ducks that I’m assuming are on their way actually make an appearance after all. You’ll need the duck version of Hammond to spare no expense and prepare to endanger his grandchildren while Nedry needs to become just disgruntled enough to cause more harm than good. I think my favorite part about these new ducks though, is the magnificent facial hair on Hammond. You can grab Hammond (affiliate link) and Nedry (affiliate link) and more Jurassic Park merchandise from Numskull now.

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