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Travel Covid testing to continue until new year

Published on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The UK’s testing regime for fully-jabbed travellers will continue until at least the new year, the government says.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps ruled out any changes before 2022, as testing is a  vital safety layer to ‘maintain s border surveillance’.

Speaking virtually at the Airport Operators Association’s annual conference, Shapps said it will be reviewed next year.

“The government will continue to maintain surveillance at the border and genomic sequencing, and we will review the policy again.”

“It’s been an incredibly tough and frustrating year for airports but, in fact, 2021 has seen considerable progress. Recent relaxations of travel restrictions are a clear sign that we are well on the way to recovery. This is a significant step in normalising international travel and giving people the confidence to book trips.”

Aviation businesses as well as travel industry trade groups have lobbied hard for an end to mandatory tests, even though the government has relaxed protocols to soon allow cheaper lateral flow kits for day 2 tests.


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