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Trailer and Poster for Crime Thriller TAKE THE NIGHT — GeekTyrant

A trailer and poster have been released for the crime thriller Take the Night, written and directed by newcomer Seth McTigue in his feature directorial debut. McTigue also produced the film, and he co-stars in it as well, alongside Roy Huang, Brennan Keel Cook, Sam Li, Shomari Love, Antonio Aaron, and Grace Serrano.

Here’s the film’s synopsis:

“An inventive, edgy crime thriller, Take the Night is a twisted tale of sibling rivalry and family secrets. An elaborate surprise birthday stunt heads into increasingly dark places when career criminals that are hired to stage a fake kidnapping go rogue. Older brother William (Roy Huang) secures a crew to stage a fake kidnapping of his brother Robert (Sam Song Li). But the crew has plans of their own. The brothers must put aside their sibling rivalry if they want to save the family fortune.”

This looks okay. It feels like a diet version of the great 1997 movie The Game, in which Sean Penn gets his rich older brother, Michael Douglas, a birthday present which is a real-life “game” he doesn’t know he’s a part of. Hopefully Take the Night has enough twists and turns to stand on its own. I think it looks intriguing enough to give it a shot. Watch the trailer and check out the poster below, and view Take the Night when it is released this summer in select US theaters and on VOD starting July 12th.

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