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Tony McCarroll, Founding Oasis Drummer, Suffers Heart Attack

Oasis’ original drummer, Tony McCarroll, has been hospitalized following a heart attack.

McCarroll, 50, shared the news on social media on Monday. “Wanted to let you know I was admitted to hospital on Thursday after suffering a heart attack on Wednesday night,” McCarroll wrote on Twitter. “I’m not quite out of the woods as yet but just want to give a massive big up to our #NHS We are more than fortunate to have such a service! Thank you!!”

McCarroll and co-founding Oasis guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthur and bassist Paul McGuigan initially began playing music together as Rain, before meeting Liam and Noel Gallagher and rebranding themselves as Oasis. McCarroll played drums on the band’s debut album, Definitely Maybe, as well as their first No. 1 single, “Some Might Say,” from their sophomore LP, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?. However, in April 1995 McCarroll was dismissed from the band and replaced by drummer Alan White.

Noel Gallagher said the decision to fire McCarroll was due to his rudimentary drumming abilities. McCarroll later sued the band for his cut of the royalties and eventually reached a settlement out of court.


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