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‘To anyone who needs a weightless womb like mom hug’

Kate Hudson is proving that there is nothing better than being in a mother’s arms.

On Friday, the 42-year-old actress shared a video to her Instagram that showed her serenely standing in the water wearing a bathing suit and floppy sun hat while holding tight her 2-year-old daughter, Rani Fujikawa, whom she shares with partner Danny Fujikawa.

“To anyone who needs a weightless womb like mom hug, we share this with you #weallneedmomhugs,” she captioned the post.

Celebrity friends and fans flooded the comments to share how much they adored the heart-melting moment between the mother-daughter duo.

“That’s sweetness. But, I’m also upset we have to wear hats like this now.” Chelsea Handler wrote in separate comments.

“So so precious. She’s absolutely adorable,” a fan said.

“I loooooooove it such a beautiful peaceful moment,” someone wrote.

“My favorite memory key with my momma. Laying on her chest in the pool and bobbing up and down,” a commenter shared.

“Best thing on Earth!” another person added.

Hudson, who regularly shares sweet family moments of her children Rani, Ryder, 17, and Bingham, 10, on social media, has been open over the years about her parenting style. In a joint interview for Health with her brother Oliver Hudson in November, she admitted that she is a bit easier on her kids in comparison to Oliver.

“I’m super lenient when it comes to matters of the heart. I’m actually quite lenient as long as they’re doing their part. As far as I’m concerned, there’s what you’re entitled to and then there’s your privileges. The only things you’re entitled to are a roof over your head, food, and my love. Everything else is a privilege, and I’ll take it away in a heartbeat if you’re not respecting our home’s moral compass,” she admitted.

In another interview with People, she advised parents to create “reasonable boundaries” for their children.

“Draw some lines in the sand so that [children] can test them,” she explained. “And that’s, I think, an important part of their development. How far they can push something,” she continues, “and how you as a parent handle it is a huge part of growing up.”

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