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The Rock’s Best Movies And How To Watch Them

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When The Rock first began to step away from the world of professional wrestling to focus on a career in film and television, few, if any, of his long-time fans thought he would stand a chance in Hollywood, and assumed it would be no time at all before he was back in the ring. While Dwayne Johnson, the actor, had some success in the early days of his transition to acting, there was a stretch in the middle where he seemed to be floundering in a sea of family-friendly comedies, opposed to rising to the top of the action world. That all changed about a decade into his acting career, which is around the time some of the best The Rock movies started landing in theaters.

With his Fast and Furious franchise debut in 2011, The Rock was the biggest thing going in the professional wrestling, Hollywood, and pop culture. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of what I like to call the Rock-aissance, I’ve made a list of his best movies and where you can find them streaming and beyond.

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