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The Omega Rangers Are Recruited to Save a Planet in the Preview for POWER RANGERS #8 — GeekTyrant

This next week, the Omega Rangers will be facing off against another Empyreal in Power Rangers #8 and we’ve got our first look at the situation. The king of the Hartunians is arrogant, Drakkon is being Drakkon, the Queen is trying to save her people, and an Empyreal is ready to demolish the entire planet. What could go wrong? I cannot wait to read what writer Ryan Parrott, artist Francesco Mortarino with ink assistance by Gilbey Ibarra, colorist Raúl Angulo with color assistance by Jose Enrique Fernández, and letterer Ed Dukeshire have in store for us in the rest of the issue.

This is it. There is nowhere left to run and no more time to prepare as the Omega Rangers must stand off against one of the Empyreal… with the fate of an entire planet at stake. And when the Omega Rangers discover the true nature of the threat to Earth, will they be able to warn their former teammates in time?

You can read Power Rangers #8 on June 23 with a main cover by Matteo Scalera and variants available from Daniele Di Nicuolo and Goñi Montes. Physical copies will be available from local comic shops with digital copies available through comiXology (affiliate link), Google Play, iBooks, and Madefire.

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