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In addition to the upgrade in engines, Blade & Soul has introduced its 14th player class called Dual Blade. This class is now available to Jin and Yun characters and allows them to become masters of using Twin Swords at lightning speed. The two specializations are the Way of the Shifting Blades which focuses on switching between stances for high combos and damage and the Way of the Lotus which requires resource management and precision that gains buffs and other enhancements to help unleash tons of potential.

Also, new and returning players can redeem two Call to Arms bundles (once per account) in an effort to get all players ready for raids as fast as possible. The bundles include weapons, accessories, augmentations, gems, and crystals as well as a Call to Arms Token. The Token can be redeemed for an Armory Chest.

The Soul Arena has also been opened through October 6. This is a solo dungeon where a player must face a past enemy to earn Fearless Tokens, Conquest Tokens, and Transformation Stones. In turn, these are used to unlock Cosmetics, XP Charms, or Capsules.

Finally, from September 22-October 6, players can collect 6-10 Guiding Stars as a login reward. These Guiding Stars can then be traded for items from the Dragon Express.

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