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The Highlander Reboot: What’s Going On With The Henry Cavill Movie?

Like one of its titular immortal characters, the Highlander franchise has lived many lives over the last several decades. It’s been a film series, a TV series, even an animated series. However, we haven’t heard much from the Highlander franchise since the ill-fated Highlander: The Source, the second feature film based on the TV series, failed to connect with audiences. However, the attempts to reboot Highlander from scratch began almost immediately after that film flopped. And, now the Highlander reboot looks like it may actually happen with Henry Cavill.

The attempt to reboot Highlander began back in 2008, and now, over a decade later, it looks like the movie might finally happen, now that Henry Cavill has officially signed on to star in the new film. Considering that Cavill wasn’t the household name he is today back when this all started, it shows just how far things have come. Here’s a look back the long road for the Highlander reboot and everything fans went through to get here.

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