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The Creators of MACGRUBER Heard Christopher Nolan Was a Fan, and They Tried Really Hard to Get Him to Direct an Episode — GeekTyrant

We all have guilty pleasure shows and movies that we love to watch, and even director Christopher Nolan has one. The director, known for wearing suits and making movies like Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and Tenet, has made it known that he loves the character and movie MacGruber. The character was first started as an SNL skit that stars Will Forte as a bumbling MacGyver type, and has since been made into a film, and is now a series on Peacock. The show’s director, Jorma Taccone recently revealed his relentless plans to bring The Dark Knight director into the fold.

In an interview with Collider, Jorma Taccone breaks down a run-in he had with Nolan at an event where he confirmed the A-list director was indeed a fan of MacGruber, and then he proceeded to shoot his shot, trying to get Nolan on board to direct an episode, or at least make him a part of the series in another way.

One idea included jokingly opening an episode with a “Directed By Christopher Nolan” title card that included an asterisk that would pay off at the end of the episode with a “*not actually directed by Christopher Nolan” card. Another hopeful option was having Nolan make a cameo where he gets his throat ripped out by MacGruber.

Unsurprisingly, Nolan declined these invitations. But Taccone doesn’t seem to be too shaken up by that, because he goes on to say if they get a second season, he’s going to keep pressuring Nolan for that throat-ripping cameo. He called it “peer-pressuring via the press.”

So what do you say? Are you on board the “Getting Nolan to cameo on MacGruber to get his throat torn out” train? Can we make a hashtag that long? I think it sounds like fun, so let’s make it happen.

All 8 episodes of MacGruber are now available on Peacock.

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