The Clear Issue Facing Film

Film is an industry that has touched millions by the products it creates, which have proven to be insanely popular. All one must do is look at the industry’s growth to see how far it has come since its inception. Even when films were in their infancy and they were still black and white without sound, they were loved by much of the world for their singular ability to capture genuine human emotions. This is something that is unmatched by any form of media and might suggest why people enjoying watching films so much. However, the industry faces a clear problem that might threaten its future.


Streaming has always been popular ever since the service first started to roll out to the public. Back then though, it still could not beat the experience that occurs when people go to a normal cinema to watch films. Today, the gulf between the two has closed dramatically as more people start to stream more than they go to the cinema. This would have been something helped on by the recent pandemic, where millions had to stay at home to protect others. This meant they enjoyed entertainment accessible from home such as online gambling at sites that can be found just like when looking here, but streaming would have been one of the most popular past times.


Historically, the industry has earned its profits from ticket sales at cinemas across the world, but as more people are beginning to pick up the remote instead of the keys, it spells uncertainty for the industry. It is painfully clear that the gap between streaming and traditional films that once existed has begun to close. In streaming’s youth, there was not a great selection of films and there was not really a good reason to choose it over going to a cinema. However, today, that has changed and now there are various streaming platforms, all with a whole host of content for consumers to enjoy. This has the benefit of allowing people to watch whatever they want, something that cannot be done via cinemas as audiences only have a selection of what is on that day.


There is no doubt that the industry will need to adapt if it hopes to survive in the face of the rise of streaming. Some studios are already ahead of the curve in this respect as they have developed a strategy that should cover all their bases. By releasing their new films in both theatres and on streaming platforms as an additional premium, those who have gotten used to staying at home to enjoy films will be catered for, and those previously lost profits would have been secured. Only time will tell if this model of business will be successful, but it certainly seems to be a step forward in an age where people prefer putting on their slippers and sitting on the sofa to watch films.


Cinemas will always have their faithful that go to their local chains for the pure experience of watching a film at the cinema. While it is true this is unbeatable, people are still beginning to prefer streaming. Unless the industry makes drastic changes, its future will remain uncertain.

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