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Teaser Trailer for George R.R. Martin’s Sci-Fi Western NIGHT OF THE COOTERS with Vincent D’Onofrio — GeekTyrant

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin has been working on an adaptation of Howard Waldrop’s 1987 sci-fi Western novel Night of the Cooters, and it stars Kingpin actor Vincent D’Onofrio. The first teaser trailer for the project has been released, and it looks like a wild good time!

Night of the Cooters tells the tale of townsfolk in Pachuco Texas in the 1800’s “rallying around one cause, survival against the unwelcome visitors from “up there”. Join the townsfolk on their journey to figure out what the hell is going on in the big hole at the edge of town. With a screenplay by the one and only Joe Lansdale, and music by the prolific Ramin Djwadi get ready for a ride like no other through the mind of the great Howard Waldrop.”

The style of the film is pretty cool and it will be presented in “Trioscope,” which blends together live-action performances with animation techniques. This style helps honor the otherworldly tone of the source material. I like what I’m seeing from it. This like a fun and unique movie!

D’Onofrio shared in a statement. “The post-production on the film is where the true look of it starts to unfold — how Trioscope crafts the photography frame by frame with the colorization and detail of each shot. We are watching our film come to life.”

Trioscope CEO L.C. Crowley added, “Here at Trioscope, we’ve created a hybrid of animation and live-action drama that amplifies the best of both genres. Especially important within the structure of a short film, our unique approach immediately transports and immerses the viewer into a dramatic new world — one that gives nuance to the actors’ performances and their characters. We’re honored to partner with visionaries George R.R. Martin and Vincent D’Onofrio to bring their wild imaginings to vivid life.”

D’Onofrio will star as Sheriff Lindley, and he is joined by Hopper Penn as Sweets, Harrison Page as Luther, Martin Sensmeier as Leo Smith, Cristin McCleary as Atkins, Elias Gallegos as DeSpain, Luce Rains as Skip, Jazzy Kim O’Brien as Lil’ Chisum, and Darius Eteeyan as Billy Strother.  

The film doesn’t yet have a release date, but Martin says that he hopes the film will be completed by February or March. Enjoy the trailer!

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