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Stephen King Has A Terrifying New Book Recommendation

While Stephen King is a frequent recommender of movies and television shows, he has a much longer history as a go-to author for blurbs and tips for other novels. King, who published crime story Later a few months ago, and has another book on the way this year, singled out Christopher Golden’s Road of Bones for particular praise, both for its terrifying content and impressive artwork.

Here’s what he had to say about it on Twitter:

The story deals with a film crew investigating the Kolyma Highway in Russia, known as the “road of bones” due to the thousands of gulag prisoners buried beneath its surface after building it. Presumably, the team find out that the ghosts of those who suffered in the construction are still present, setting up what King considers to be a unique experience. Indeed, his tweet references the blurb that he put onto the actual release cover.

If you’re not aware, Golden is a prolific genre writer and has also contributed tie-ins to many franchises, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hellboy, as well as comics and a lot of other media. Based on a quick look at his bibliography, the 53-year-old has a publishing record that comes close to King’s, albeit without being on the same high-profile scale.

In terms of Stephen King‘s general output, when not talking up his viewing and reading habits, his future projects include a version of Lisey’s Story for Apple TV+, and working with J.J. Abrams on a new horror anthology series. Moreover, there are plenty of films from the writer’s library in various stages of development, and he’s recently commented that he doesn’t consider any of his books to be impossible to adapt. For now, then, a recommendation from King is always good value, and Road of Bones seems to be worth checking out, if you dare.

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