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Steam Releases Top Releases For September — GeekTyrant

Steam has released their list of top releases from the month of September. You can look through the most popular games downloaded in a few categories: top 20, free to play, DLC, story rich, simulation, and games from first time developers. 

Unsurprisingly Life is Strange: True Colors made it in the top 20 which is a game I personally really enjoyed. Browsing through this list of games, I already have some new games I’d like to check out like Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt where you play as a vampire in a battle royale in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe. Or Dagon: By H.P. Lovecraft which claims to be a short, 30 minute madness inducing experience. Take a look at the list yourself, any games you expected to make the list that didn’t? Any that surprised you? Gotta say, didn’t expect a game called Cookie Clicker to be on there.

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