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Spider-Man Reportedly Won’t Be Leaving The MCU After No Way Home

Tom Holland’s contract to play Spider-Man might be expiring after the release of No Way Home, but the actor admitted that he’s willing to play the role as long as Marvel are keen to have him stick around. Of course, it might just be an innocent choice of wording, but it could also be telling that he didn’t mention Sony, even though the studio are the ones who own and control the rights to the comic book icon.

After all, Holland’s Peter Parker was almost forcibly ripped from the Marvel Cinematic Universe a couple of summers back after Sony decided that they didn’t need Kevin Feige’s assistance to create blockbuster Spider-Man movies of their own, despite the two previous franchises crumbling at the hands of studio interference.

Luckily, the status quo was soon returned to normal, and the two parties have been able to continue their working relationship. The handshake just got a lot firmer after it was announced earlier this week that Disney and Sony had signed an agreement that would see huge swathes of the latter’s back catalogue added to both Disney Plus and Hulu, with the Mouse House’s platform finally coming into possession of the MCU’s Spider-Man films after they’ve finished up their initial streaming runs on Netflix.

Tipster Mikey Sutton is now reporting that the huge overall deal was largely driven by Spider-Man, with Marvel Studios now theoretically having the option to either create live-action shows set in and around the Spider-Verse or have Tom Holland show up across the MCU’s episodic output, with the agreement said to be the first step towards regular collaborations that aren’t restricted to Spidey alone, which could be huge news for both studios if it pans out that way.

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