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South Park Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to Save Casa Bonita Restaurant

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are very close to becoming co-owners of the famed Colorado restaurant Casa Bonita, which the two made infamous in a 2003 episode of the show. Unfortunately, the restaurant has been closed to dining customers since March of 2020 due to the Covid pandemic.

Casa Bonita has not been able to open up again due to safety concerns, especially with the looming threat of the Delta variant now spreading like wildfire across the US. They still have their gift shop and other touristy services for patrons, but it hasn’t made them enough money to overcome their $4.4 million dollar debt. So they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy which, if everything goes smoothly, will allow the comedy show entrepreneurs to complete their purchase.


Image via Comedy Central

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Casa Bonita has been an iconic establishment in the Denver area for nearly half a century, which features many popular attractions like mariachi bands, three-story cliff divers, and food that “could be a little better” according to Colorado governor Jared Polis. But even if it’s not the highest quality of food, who can say no to a free sopapilla?

The restaurant gained worldwide fame after being featured in the eponymous Season 7, Episode 11 of the hit Comedy Central show. In the episode, Kyle’s parents agree to take him out to Casa Bonita for a birthday dinner and tell him he can invite a few friends. When Cartman – who is a huge fan of Casa Bonita – is snubbed from the guest list, he hatches a plot to make one of the other invitees go missing so that he can snag their spot. You can check out the “Casa Bonita” episode as well as all of the other reruns of South Park on HBO Max right now.

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