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SLIPKNOT’s Clown Streams Third Solo Song “Brainwash Love

Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan launched his solo project Live Your Life last week with two new songs “Brainwash Love – Death Inside”” and “Live Your Life”. Crahan is now back with a third song whose video title says it’s called “Brainwash Love – Feed The Worms Birds”, but the description in the video says it’s called “Cut Throat”. So it’s definitely one of those two.

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Slipknot is currently working on a new album that Crahan has called the new album “God music” and compared its sound to the band’s 2001 album Iowa. Taylor has also chimed in about the new material, saying the new stuff has “made me start thinking outside my own box and challenging myself.” The new album will be the band’s final effort on Roadrunner Records.

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