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Senator Marsha Blackburn Says Taylor Swift Would Be “First Victim” of Socialism

On Thursday, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn pretended that Taylor Swift supports a nightmarish version of socialism in which women are stripped of their rights, then implied that the pop star is an idiot because Swift herself is a woman, and therefore “would be the first victim” of this imaginary government.

Blackburn burped up this overheated word gumbo in a conversation with Breitbart News. The senior Senator from Tennessee was in the middle of warning viewers that if Democrats are elected, their beloved country music would forever be changed to “woke.”

“When you talk about country music, and I know the left is all out now and trying to change country music and make it woke,” she said. “When I’m talking to my friends who are musicians and entertainers, I say, ‘If we have a socialistic government — if we have Marxism — you are going to be the first ones who will be cut off because the state would have to approve your music.’”

She then turned her straw man arguments on Swift. The two have been sparring since 2018, when Swift publicly blasted Blackburn’s voting record regarding minority and LBGTQ rights. Blackburn took this opportunity to poke back.

“Taylor Swift came after me in my 2018 campaign. But Taylor Swift would be the first victim of that because when you look at Marxist, socialistic societies, they do not allow women to dress or sing or be onstage or to entertain or the type of music she would have,” she said, perhaps confusing Denmark with The Handmaid’s Tale. “They don’t allow protection of private intellectual property rights.” Check out a clip of the interview below.

Swift continues to find herself in politically charged situations. During a July 1st confrontation with protestors, a police officer played her song “Blank Space” in the hope that footage of the conflict would be pulled for copyright infringement.

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