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Samira Wiley: Where You’ve Seen The Handmaid’s Tale Actor Before

The Sitter (2011)

Now, we take a look at Samira’s first-ever movie role, The Sitter. This dark comedy movie starring the impeccable Jonah Hill follows a college student who, after being suspended from school, is forced by his mother to fill in for a babysitter. And of course, while he has these kids, they get into some escapades that could be considered criminal.

Samira, while her role is a bit smaller in this film, is great. She plays a girl that Noah, Jonah’s character, had wronged in the past, and ooh boy, you can almost feel the tension in their scenes together. The movie itself is funny and certainly worth the watch if you enjoy dark comedies, and Jonah Hill is always a win in my eyes.

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