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Ron’s Gone Wrong Trailer Shows the Digital Friendship of a Boy and His Defective Robot

Prepare to cry all over your gears, as the new Ron’s Gone Wrong trailer presents a touching coming-of-age story set in a world dominated by digital devices. Exploring the friendship between a lonely boy and his defective robot, 20th Century Studios’ upcoming animation is expected to hit theaters next month.

The trailer presents Barney (voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer), a kid who has trouble making social connections as he’s the only one who doesn’t have a B*BOT, a futuristic device that connects you to the internet. Barney thinks his luck has changed when his father gifts him his very own B*BOT, but it turns out the robot, Ron (voiced by Zach Galifianakis), is missing some essential code that teaches him safety rules. However, the faulty robot becomes a dear friend to Barney, and the boy will have to go out on an adventure to save his new mechanical friend from the company that wants to repair him before his defective code spreads to other B*BOTs.


Image via 20th Century Studios

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Ron’s Gone Wrong is the first theatrical release from the U.K. animation studio Locksmith Animation. The film is directed by Jean-Philippe Vine (story artist on Cars 3 and The Good Dinosaur) and Locksmith’s co-founder Sarah Smith with Octavio Rodriguez (story artist on Coco and The Incredibles 2) co-directing. The script is signed by Peter Baynham (Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm) and Smith. Co-founder of Locksmith, Julie Lockhart (Shaun the Sheep Movie) and Lara Breay produce, with Locksmith’s chairman Elisabeth Murdoch, Smith, and Baynham serving as executive producers.

The voice cast of Ron’s Gone Wrong also includes Olivia Colman, Ed Helms, Justice Smith, Rob Delaney, Kylie Cantrall (Gabby Duran and the Unsittables), Ricardo Hurtado (The Goldbergs), Marcus Scribner (Black-ish), and Thomas Barbusca (Chad).

Ron’s Gone Wrong will hit theaters on October 22. Check Ron’s Gone Wrong new trailer below.

Here’s Ron’s Gone Wrong official synopsis:

Ron’s Gone Wrong is the story of Barney, a socially awkward middle-schooler, and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally-connected device, which is supposed to be his “Best Friend out of the Box.” Ron’s hilarious malfunctions, set against the backdrop of the social media age, launch them into an action-packed journey in which boy and robot come to terms with the wonderful messiness of true friendship.

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